Driving Under the Influence

Don't Let a DUI Charge Ruin Your Life

Are you facing a DUI case? Were you pulled over for reckless driving? Schedule a consultation with David M. Dougherty Attorney at Law right away to discuss your situation. David will help you avoid the costly fines and severe penalties that come along with these types of charges.
We are here to help save your right to operate a motor vehicle. Don’t waste any time after you receive a violation. Call David today at 610-873-1740.

Helping You With All Types of Driving Matters

• Serious driving offenses
• Suspended licenses
• And more
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"I endorse this lawyer. David is professional and reasonable. He advocates for his client with experience and compassion. I have referred clients to him and will continue to do so."

Ashley Eckert, Family Attorney, Avvo.com
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